Money Back Guarantee

We understand how important the role of trust is in service. CheapEssayWritingService team wants you to feel sure about the money you pay. This is why we have developed our Money Back Policy.

CheapEssayWritingService grants customers a possibility of opening a dispute over any order that is placed at our website. We do our best to gain 97,7% satisfaction rate, taking care of our clients and their needs. Nevertheless, cooperation may not progress without difficulties, thus sometimes the customer may want to get his or her money back. We work to prevent misunderstandings with every single order.

It takes us from 7 to 14 days to review a dispute case. Our Dispute Department (DD) assesses every single order individually and develops the most effective and satisfactory solutions to the customer’s favor.

Moneyback requests can be sent within 10 days after the delivery of the order. Please keep in mind that if you make your claim later, it will not be reviewed.


Double payment was made for the order

There are two ways of how you may pay twice for one order. Usually, it is an accidental double payment for a single order or placement of two identical orders while you need only one of them. The solution to such an issue is very easy: just inform the customer support about your case, so they can verify it and issue one of the payments back to you.

We were not able to find the writer for the order

In 98% situations we manage to find really good specialists to complete every order completion. However, in rare cases, under such circumstances as tight time limits or high complexity of the assignment, we may not be able to find the right specialist for you fast. If this situation occurs, we will inform you right away and provide full refund plus a discount that is possible to apply for all future orders.

In case no writer is assigned for the revision of an order, our DD manager will resolve the issue within the shortest terms. Please note that once you open a dispute over your order, revisions are not possible.

Delivery lateness

Delays with the product delivery happen very rarely at our company. But if they take place, the reason must be clarified.

The customer is responsible for sending all the additional details, files and clarifications in a timely manner so we can complete the paper according to the set time frame. In case the needed materials are not provided on time, the delay of the order is not the fault of the company and the refund for it is not possible. CheapEssayWritingService recommends that you follow our notifications and provide us with all the necessary information timely.

In case lateness is caused by us, the customer is eligible for getting a partial refund. Price recalculation is possible: if your deadline is 4 hours and the delivery was delayed for 20 minutes or more, you can ask the DD to recalculate the price according to the more extended deadline (8 hours). In case your deadline is 7 days or more, you are eligible for getting up to 10% of the initial price issued back to you.

Sometimes we may ask the customer to extend the deadline: if you agree to give us more time, you will not be able to claim compensation for delivery lateness from the DD.

Revision lateness

If the revised paper is sent to you later than the time you set, you are eligible to receive a refund of up to 10-15% of the initial price for your order. In case the delivery of the revised paper is more than 30 minutes late, you are eligible to send a complaint to our Dispute Department and open a dispute. However, we will not be able to offer revisions for this order any more.

Please note that we approach every dispute individually and do not offer one universal solution but try to make it suitable and personal for each customer.

Quality of a paper is not satisfactory

The issue depends on numerous reasons. We resolve each case individually and successfully.

Here is a list of the possible cases and basic solutions to them:

  • The paper should undergo at least three revisions so that your writer can correct it according to your instructions. Please remember that you are welcome to request an unlimited number of revisions within 10 days after the first delivery.If the result if our writer’s and editor’s work is still not satisfactory, you are eligible to open a dispute over the order and have it resolved by our DD manager. You are responsible for indicating all the inaccuracies and mistakes in the paper so the manager can evaluate the paper and issue the desired 100% refund. Please note that we will follow only a really strong argument as we aim to elude any possible fraud.
  • In the case of order cancellation, compensation will depend on the deadline and the work progress. In case the customer wants to cancel the order before the writer is assigned, the customer can get a full refund. Once the writer is assigned and less than a half of the time limit passed, the 70% refund is possible. If more than half of the time limit passed, the customer is eligible to request the 30% refund. In case the order is completed before the deadline, the customer is not eligible to cancel the order and get a refund.
  • If you claim that your work is not original and contains plagiarisms, you will be asked to provide the plagiarism report from Turnitin or your educational institution. Only these two types of reports are accepted for proving the similarities in the paper. Please note that such cases are exceptional, as we carefully check each paper through the plagiarism detector, developed and supported by our IT department.
  • The additional features, such as editor’s services, writer’s samples, or summary of the paper, are nonrefundable. The only additional option for which you can get your money back is the writer’s category only in case the writer is not assigned to work on the order.For Papers Based on the Research ResultsIf the customer wants the writer to complete a paper-based on…
    • the proposal that was already approved and cannot be changed (which includes research results);
    • conclusions as a result of research that was carried out

    … it is the customer’s obligation to send the research results as an attachment. If this is not possible, the customer should either give the writer a possibility to modify the statements from the proposal or adjust the research results to the needed conclusions. However, in the latter case, we cannot guarantee the quality of the outcome.

If you get the completed paper and are not happy with it, do not hesitate to contact our Dispute Department. Please support your complaint with arguments, proofs and details, and we will do our best to resolve the issue successfully.