Privacy Policy

We honor your respect and trust and are committed to your right to personal data protection. For your confidentiality, we utilize advanced technological systems and adhere to tight guidelines when we process any of your information.

This privacy policy is an important component of our Terms and Conditions and outlines the way that we gather and use your personal data. It also shares how you can control the use of your personal data and how you can gain access to and change that information.

When you use the services of this website, you agree to the gathering, using and sharing of your information as outlined in this Privacy Policy, which includes the terms of cookies agreement and the automatic collection of data. You also agree with the Terms and Conditions .

If you do not do not agree to the terms or do not wish to adhere to the terms of this Privacy Policy, do not share any personal information or use this site.

Services. This Privacy Policy is used on the site, its applications, products, services and any messaging used by the Company. Access the Terms and Conditions for more information about the terms of use.

Data Collection. The type of interaction with the Company and the services used determines the types of personal data that is collected. The following are categories of data that might be collected:

Verification of Customer identity, payments processing and fraud prevention. This includes copies of payment transactions (some details may be hidden) and a copy of the Customer’s credit card (all digits may be covered except for the last 4).

Account information. The Company may gather data that includes how you paid for services, transaction history, payment for services, which services you use, and other data that pertains to the account.

Preferences. Information regarding your preferences and interests may be collected as they pertain to the Company’s services, language of choice and how a Customer prefers to receive information from the Company.

Automatically Collected Data. Some data is collected by the Company automatically when you use the site. In some cases, this data is personal. This could include language settings, data on location, IP address, the type of device and its operating system, time of login, instance of login, URL requests, status reports on the system used, the version of browser used, results of site visits, the type of data searched, search history, the addresses that directed a Customer to the site. A process of depersonalization may be used by the Company to reduce the risk of a Customer’s identity being stolen, with help from applicable technologies. Read more.

Information regarding children. The company does not collect on the date of birth of the visitors to the site and cannot determine their age. Users under the age of 16 should get parental consent before visiting the site or sharing any personal information.

Please contact us at if you think your minor child has provided the Company with any personal data that was not authorized to be shared.

Data purposes and ways of use. The Company gathers and uses personal data to maintain relationships with clients and improve services and products.

Examples include:

A. Completing an order. Information is used to verify the identity of the Customer and any connections needed to complete the order.
B. Support. This pertains to assisting a Customer with requests, answering questions and providing help.
C. Marketing. Customer data is used for marketing, only as allowed by law. When you accept these terms, you agree to receive updates, notifications, agreements and information regarding new products and services, sales, special offers and other data that the Company feels has value for you. When such things are sent, there is a provided link, allowing a Customer to unsubscribe if they wish. If problems occur, a Customer can contact us via email.
D. Improvement and research. Data collected is analyzed to create new services and products and to improve service and function.
E. Prevention and detection of fraud and security. Personal data is sometimes used to prevent fraud risk and to prevent other illegal activity. The information may also be used to investigate instances of suspected fraud. Risk assessment, security and authentication may also require the use of personal data.
F. Activity of the Company. This includes such things as normal execution of business, training, management and quality control.
G. Compliance and Legality. To provide services, personal data is sometimes used to enforce existing laws, rules, orders and requests of law enforcement authorities and to protect the Company and the Customer and to settle any disputes.

The Company relies on fulfilling the terms of the contract for all purposes outlined in A and B. That means that your personal data may be processed to fulfill the contract between the Company and the Customer. As an example, we may use your information to verify your identity, contact you regarding the order and to fulfill our end of the agreement.

In terms of C – G, the information is used to fulfill legitimate purposes, including providing the most up to date information on the site, to email appropriate data, to promote services and improve them, for legal and administrative reasons and to watch for instances of fraud. We aim to balance your interests and rights with our own rights and interests.

We also expect your compliance to the law when it comes to G. If you wish to object to the aims of the data processing referred to in paragraphs C-G, please contact us at

Data storage duration. Your personal data will be stored for the length of time necessary to fulfill your order, to comply with the law, to solve dispute issues and for other purposes that allow the Company to conduct business, look for fraud and to prevent illegal activities. Toy can contact us at the address

Sometimes the Company stores such information in a depersonalized or aggregate way. All info must comply with this Privacy Policy. Contact us for more information.

Rights of the Customer. If you wish to learn more about your stored personal data or if you want to amend or change any stored data, you can do so by contacting us.

In some instances, your request may be denied. This includes cases where your request would put the personal data of others in jeopardy or when there is a legal hurdle.

The Company may need additional information to identify you and to fulfill your request.

You aren’t required by law to provide personal data to the Company, but failure to do so may interfere with the Company’s ability to provide you with a service or product. It may also hinder assistance with questions or problems.

You may view registration information on the site but must go through the entire registration procedure before you can place an order.

The Customer is responsible for providing accurate and complete information.

Data Security. The Company uses various security measures, including administrative, technological and physical, during all gathering and processing of data, to prevent loss or theft of Customer information.

Online transactions go through secure payment systems from This helps prevent the risk of credit card information being disclosed. The Company cannot completely guarantee that such disclosure won’t occur out of its control or fault.

The Company is not liable for any damages, either direct or indirect, that occur due to illegal use of your personal data by third parties.

The Customer must follow the security guidelines and should never give their personal data, that gives them access to the site, to a third party. You must protect your own data, including login and password and are responsible for any visit to your account.

Certain links to other sites may be present and the Company does not operate or control them, and they are not included in this Privacy Policy. The Company claims no responsibility for these sites or their services. The Customer should read the Privacy Policy of any site visited.

Sharing of Information. The only ways in which the Company transfers personal data are as follows:

Within the Company. All branches and officers of the company must use your personal data only with the purposes specified in this Privacy Policy and take adequate security measures tо protect your data.

To service providers. Writers do not have access to personal data. Information about order and the files needed to complete it are given to the Writer once payment is made. The Company does not take responsibility for any personal data that the Customer chooses to share with the Writer and recommends that Customers avoid giving out any personal or payment information. Check the Terms and Conditions for more information.

The Company uses servers and resources around the world to carry out their orders, as well as third party services like credit processing, fraud prevention, support, marketing, advertising, email and IT. Sometimes your personal data is transferred to other countries, including those that don’t have laws on sharing of personal data or that have different laws than your country of residence. We ensure that this type of transfer is legal and that your data is protected according to the law.

Legislation Compliance. Your data may be shared with law enforcement or governmental entities when the law demands it to prevent fraud or to detect illegal activities.

Data transfer to third parties. Your personal information will never be given or sold to third parties by the Company. Any information you share with third parties is subject to the privacy policy of that entity, which may be different from those of this Company.

Contact us. You may contact us at any time with concerns or inquiries about this Privacy Policy at

All communication is private and confidential. Our customer service staff will contact you in a timely manner and will do our best to resolve any issues you have.

Privacy Policy Changes
Any changes or amendments to this Privacy Policy will be shared on the website, which the Customer can access at any time.